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What does guidance offer?

Guidance helps you see things from new perspectives, broaden your understanding of life, find joy, and breathe easier. It helps you free yourself from the chains of the mind and understand that by harnessing your consciousness as a tool, "you are the smith of your own happiness."

When is guidance appropriate?

You typically seek guidance when the reins or direction of life are unclear; when it's hard to let go of certain things and move on; when fundamental questions of existence and a longing for spirituality linger in your mind or when you just "feel like" seeking guidance. I use the term 'seek guidance' because the invisible world seems to be functioning even at this stage, not just during the guidance event where it is often strongly present.

What is my guidance like?

Guidance involves a conversation in a relaxed yet serious atmosphere. It combines:

1.       Guidance skills acquired through my long career in teacher training.

2.       Understanding of consciousness based on my personal experiences and researched knowledge.

3.       My gradually strengthened sensitivity to perceive the unseen (clairvoyance).


Guidance conversation / by phone, approx. 1 hour.  (booking)

You'll receive a recording of the conversation for your own use and recommendations for useful literature. Cost: 70 euros.

Feedback "I got so much out of your answers by listening to the recording calmly than only by hearing them once in person! My understanding expanded, calming me down. Everything unfolded much more meaningful and clear, messages appeared coherent and helpful. The whole thing revealed more layers and important matters over time. I now understand things in a new way that I've been pondering for years!"

Guidance package / by phone, 2 x approx. 1 hour. (booking)

I receive messages and calls from those who have participated in guidance conversations: "We talked once already, sorry if I'm bothering, but I'm still thinking...", "I haven't booked time now, but we met in May, and at that time...", "Your book recommendation triggered thoughts, do you have a moment...". With this package, you can contact me without apologizing after you've processed the first conversation and the thoughts that arose from it.

You'll receive recordings of both sessions for your own use. Cost: 120 euros.

Private meeting / in Joensuu, Mäntyharju, Imatra, or possibly your own location (approx. 2-3 hours) (booking)

Coffee/tea service, a recording for your own use and recommendations for useful literature. Cost: 150 euros + travel expenses.

With a group of friends (approx. 3-4 hours) (booking)

In a group of 3-5 participants in addition to the group organizer. We'll arrange a schedule and meeting place or remote connection format. We won't record these sessions to protect participants' privacy unless otherwise agreed upon. So, come prepared with note-taking materials.

Cost: 80 euros per participant, the organizing convener of the event 60 euros. Plus, travel